2021 Platinum Award Recipient 

Intersection Improvements to CR19

Suffolk County Department of Public Works

The project site is located in the Village of Patchogue, Long Island, NY. This south shore Village is home to significant transient activities such as a vibrant main street with multiple street fairs annually, Blue Point Brewery, and one of the Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) Terminals. The Village of Patchogue is approximately 2.2 sqmi, with 13,000 residents and boasts an extremely high walkability score of 88. The American Planning Association awarded Patchogue a “Great Neighborhood” designation in 2019. The portion of Suffolk County Road 19/Holbrook Rd or CR19 that connects Patchogue to main arterials is between Waverly Avenue and Main Street.

The project site at CR19 included 0.4-mile-long stretch of roadway with two travel lanes in either direction, with wide center grass medians and non-standard geometry at Lake Street (See Figure 2). The intersection at Lake Street and CR19 was confusing to motorists, limited driver access and only used stop/yield controls. CR19 had high travel speeds with accident rates. Other existing concerns to the public were the roadway was unsafe for pedestrians, without crosswalks at Lake Street, and was unsafe for bicyclists. The roadway was discharging untreated stormwater directly into the nearby river and lake.

  • Single lane roundabout traffic calming solution 

  • Sustainble water treatement with bioswales while incorporating existing positive drainage system. 

  • Traffic Signal improvements and pedestrian saftey improvements

  • Creation of greenspace along lake front and increasing walkability between neighborhoods and downtown.