Cherry Grove Filled Pier and Ferry Dock Reconstruction

Project Details

Client: Town of Brookhaven, NY

Location: Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

Project Design Elements

  • Marine Construction

  • Bulkhead Replacement

  • IPE Decking

  • Surveying

Project Summary

Provided survey, engineering and permitting services relative to the installation of approximately 592 linear feet of steel sheeting directly in front of the existing steel sheeting forming the perimeter of the solid fill pier and the installation of 70 linear feet of cantilevered steel sheeting at the south end of the pier. The new fill pier was surfaced with approximately 6,200 square feet of IPE decking. The proposed design involved modifying the existing layout of the Filled Pier and Ferry Dock to improve the overall functionality of the dock and improve public safety. The modifications to the existing layout include demolition of the existing freight dock and constructing a new freight dock approximately 78’ south of its existing location. Additionally, a new 700 square foot pile supported boardwalk was constructed along the east side of the pier to provide additional storage for freight.

cherry_grove construction