Shore Stabilization Projects

Project Details

Client: Town of Brookhaven, NY

Location: Miller Place, NY

Project Summary

Immediately after Super Storm Sandy, LKMA prepared damage assessment reports for the Town of Brookhaven’s Highway Department at the Friendship Drive Road ending in Rocky Point and at the end of Gully Landing Road in Miller Place.  The work included working closely with the Town’s Department of Public Safety and consultants (AIDRC) working for the Federal government (FEMA).  Our office supported the scope of work that was prepared to obtain funding for each shoreline stabilization project.  LKMA secured all environmental permits needed to install steel sheet piling and an armor stone revetment along the heavily eroded site.  The projects included stormwater management and treatment.  Both projects were completed in 2017.


Friendship Drive

Broadway Beach Shoreline

Broadway Beach

Riverhead Drive Shoreline

Drainage & Erosion Control Improvements

Client: Town of Brookhaven, NY

Location: Sound Beach, NY

Project Summary

LKMA prepared a Technical Design Report and Design Plans to address a serious outfall condition on a bluff overlooking the Long Island Sound.  As a result of the existing bulkhead failure, the existing bluff was eroded and the Town owned stormwater outfall pipe was undermined. If left untreated, heavy rains would have continued to erode the existing bluff and directly discharge untreated runoff into the Sound. The scope of the project included the design of:  a new drainage system with a stormwater treatment system; replenishment of stabilized fill on the bluff; navy style bulkhead; gabion retaining wall; beach grass plantings; fencing; guiderail; asphalt pavement and concrete curbing.  LKMA provided construction inspection and administration services on the project.


Gully Landing

South Ocean Avenue Shoreline Stablization

Client: Town of Islip, NY

Location: Bayport, NY

Project Summary

This project entails the removal and disposal of the road ending bulkhead remains and debris at South Ocean Avenue. The site is located in Bayport in the Town of Islip.

The existing bulkhead at the West end of South Ocean Avenue was destroyed and no longer functional. LKMA design a stone revetment to replace the existing bulkhead and stabilize the shoreline which is necessary for protecting the Town’s roadway and utilities. LKMA procured all environmental permits for this project.

Ocean Ave Front

South Ocean Avenue Shoreline

Ocean Ave Back