LKMA we offer a comprehensive suite of survey and geospatial services to help you make informed decisions about your land and assets. Our survey services include topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and construction staking, providing accurate data for land development, construction, and property transactions. Our team of highly skilled professionals are trained in the latest survey and GIS techniques, and have extensive experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, and government.

Topographic Survey

Boundary Survey

ALTA Survey

As-Built Survey

Residential Survey

Wetland Boundary Mapping

Bathymetric Survey

Environmental Remediation Survey

Highway Survey

Subdivision Mapping

Aerial Control Survey

Spatial Analysis

Data Visualization

Geospatial Web Mapping

Geospatial Database Management

Mobile Mapping


Geospatial Team

Experience Matters

For more than 70 years, LKMA has been the partner that Long Island relies on. Our expert team of design professionals build relationships that last because we provide custom engineering solutions tailored for the specified needs of each client and each project.

Tammy Stillman, LS

Tammy Stillman, PLS

Principal & Director of Survey and Mapping

Tammy has over 35 years of comprehensive experience in both office and field survey. She has worked on a number of New York State Department of Transportation, Term Agreement for Survey Services (TASS) projects, and as an Assistant Project Manager has interacted with clients on various types of survey and mapping projects. She is experienced in performing topographic, boundary, hydraulic and GPS surveys and has completed many transportation and site development projects. 

Kara O'Neill,GISP

Kara O'Neill, GISP

Associate & GIS Director

Kara is an experienced GIS Analyst with a skill set that includes both a civil engineering and emergency planning background. She has been providing GIS support in both the private and public sectors locally and nationally for the last seventeen years. She is also a product specialist for the Trimble MGIS line of mapping equipment.